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About us

Mauricio Polo

Architect –

Mauricio is an architect from Bogotá, Colombia with a master's degree from the TU Delft. He has broad experience in several architecture firms both in Latin America and Europe, involved in the design process of private housing and public buildings from early design to completion. This experience includes being part of a participatory design for a community in Colombia and a library for the visually impaired in Mexico City. He also designed several adaptive reuse interventions and was project architect for several highly sustainable housing projects in the Netherlands.

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen

Architect –

Sebastiaan Veldhuisen studied architecture at the TU Delft and started his own practice in 1999, where he worked on the adaptive reuse of industrial heritage sites and monumental buildings. Within the scope of these projects, he developed and produced Finn-ovens and water retention solutions. Besides his design work, Sebastiaan lectures at several schools of architecture and summer schools. He consulted with his knowledge of sustainable design in urban developments and buildings. He worked on the R&D of circular zero-energy building systems and he co-developed a BIM solution for building product performance. In the past years, he worked as architect on sustainable modular wooden houses, buildings, and neighbourhoods.

Lester Wilson

– Researcher

Lester Wilson is an aspiring engineering/ architecture student who loves to design and create. He is now completing his engineering studies at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and his work and inspiration is driven by wanting to make a positive change.  He gets very inspired by spaces and buildings and at the same time he is constantly looking for something that benefits society. This stimulates him to go in this direction and literally contribute to shape the world. His focus with engineering and architecture is to combine great design with sustainability and innovation by making use of sustainable and renewable resources to create great spaces, and fulfil the needs of society as a whole.

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